Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant—the subterranean stalk of a plant that shoots out the root system. Ginger is a featured ingredient in many Asian dishes.

When used as a kitchen spice, Ginger has a unique flavour that is zesty and sweet.

In Western tradition, Ginger is most often used in confections like gingerbread and ginger snaps.

Internal use of Ginger is best known as a digestive aid and for helping to ease occasional indigestion.*

This essential oil can be applied topically or inhaled for a soothing aroma.

Ways to use Ginger Essential Oil

  • Internally, to support a healthy digestive system.
  • Inhale deeply from your palms to aid recall.
  • Apply topically to relieve muscle pain.
  • Diffuse to change your mood from indifferent to energised.
  • To help with appetite loss, add a drop or two to a glass of warm water.
  • To minimise alcohol cravings, take as needed internally.
  • To relieve sore throats, dilute and gently apply to the affected area.
  • To relieve nausea, apply topically to the wrists.
  • To encourage clear breathing, diffuse 3-6 drops.
  • On enhance the immune system, apply 1-2 drops to the bottoms of the feet.
  • Internally, to relieve heartburn and re-flux.
  • Diffuse to feel upbeat and confident.
  • Diffuse to achieve a sense of balance.
  • Diffuse to aid with low libido and a bad mood
  • Diffuse to increase spiritual awareness and calmness.
  • To ease a dry, scratchy, irritated, raw throat, gargle with warm water.
  • For a relaxing massage, apply on the lower belly.
  • Use a drop in any sweet or savoury meal.
  • Apply one to two drops to the feet or lower abdomen for decreased libido.
  • Reduce bloating from gas and indigestion by rubbing a drop on your stomach.
  • In the late afternoons, diffuse for a boost of vitality.
  • To assist ease gastric problems, mix 2 drops with 8 oz of hot water.
  • Apply to the chest to help relieve congestion.
  • Rub one to two drops of ginger essential oil on the heart twice daily to promote blood circulation and heart health.
  • Rub two to three drops of the oil on the affected region twice daily for muscular and joint discomfort.
  • Add two to three drops to a diffuser or inhale twice day to increase mood and emotions of courage.
  • Diffuse two to three drops of ginger oil or apply one to two drops to the stomach for nausea relief.
  • Add two to three drops of ginger oil to warm bath water to assist digestion and eliminate toxins.
  • Add one drop of ginger essential oil to green tea twice a day to help with respiratory issues.
  • Throughout the day, apply to pulse points to help you feel better.

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil has a long list of health benefits. Here are a few of ginger oil’s main benefits:

Firstly, for weight Loss. Essential oils can enhance your healthy life

style in many ways. Essential oils help with food cravings and may

help energise your workout. Other oils that help with weight loss

are: grapefruit, peppermint, lemon, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Bergamot,


Secondly it helps with pain, inflammation, swelling in joints.

Thirdly it helps with indigestion, gas, nausea, bloating, diarrhoea, morning sickness and increase libido.

How do you use Ginger Essential Oil?

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