How To Balance Root Chakra

Balance Your Root Chakra

The root chakra, or Muladhara is red and is located at the perineum or base of the spine. Root chakra strengthening oils can be applied to the bottoms of the feet.

The root chakra has to do with life force, survival instincts, self preservation and being grounded.

Keeping your root chakra energy in check is important because when root energy is sluggish or blocked it is impossible to fully balance all of your other chakras. Maintaining a strong root chakra will support you in moving forward in life.

Excess energy can look like: greedy, domineering, egotistical, biased judgement, paranoid and possessive (especially in parenting), obsessed with having sex without love or emotion. 

Deficient energy can look like: feels unlovable, embarrassed of self, low confidence and self esteem, paranoid, fearful and afraid, procrastinator, doesn’t get stuff done, feels like a failure, defensive, victim mentality, addicted, ungrounded and defensive, homeless, suicidal.

The systems of root chakra are : skeletal system, adrenal glands, spinal column, legs, feet, teeth, nails, smell, large intestine, Colon, rectum, anus, prostate gland, blood and cell production.

Associated disease with root chakra are: arthritis, adrenal fatigue, anaemia, heart disease, cancer, drug addiction, AIDS, candida, herpes, Constipation, low back pain, gynaecological  and genital issues, anus problems and stress immunity.

The root chakra reflects your foundation. According to Terrones, Tree Pose or any balancing poses, like Mountain or Warrior, are great for establishing a stronger relationship with your body’s foundation.

Here are some ways to balance your root chakra.  

Be outside in nature, take walks in parks when you can. Walking is one of the best base chakra exercises. The connection you make with the ground during each step helps balance the first chakra’s energy while strengthening and toning your legs and respiratory system.

Walk barefoot if you can. Eat red fruit and veggies. Eat ‘root’ vegetables. Garden and take care of plants. Absorb the colour red, wear it and really look at it.

Connect with Mother Earth. Here is how: apply Grounding Blend Oil to your feet, chest and back of neck. Lie on back on grass and spread arms and legs out wide and really feel the earth absorb all inharmonious energies and recharging and balancing your energy centers. 

To strengthen (for deficient energy) your root chakra these are the gemstones that help: ruby, garnet, red jasper, bloodstone and agate.

To weaken (for excess energy) your root chakra green stones, smoky quartz and black tourmaline helps.

For recovery from long term patterns obsidian and hematite help.

These gemstones increase vitality, are stimulating, and help with the regeneration of muscle bone and blood cells. 

You can support your root chakra by using essential oils. 

For centering you can use a grounding blend. 

For adrenals and core support you can use basil essential oil. For connecting to true self you can use frankincense essential oil. 

For connecting to the earth you can use myrrh essential oil. 

For physically grounding you can use patchouli essential oil. 

To calm and centre you can use vetiver essential oil.

You can support your root chakra by using affirmations.

Here are the affirmations that I use:

I am stable and standing on my own two feet. Thank you.

I am connected to my body. Thank you.

I feel safe and secure. Thank you.

All is well in my world. Thank you.

I am safe. Only good will come up from this situation. Thank you.

Just like a tree, I have a right to be here. Thank you.

I have what I need. Thank you.

I am grounded and standing on my own two feet. Thank you.

I feel deeply rooted. Thank you.

I nourish my body with connection to nature. Thank you.

I am healthy, whole and complete in the infinity of life where I am. Thank you.

I trust in the goodness of life. Thank you.

I make choices that are healthy for me. Thank you.

I trust myself. Thank you.

I am in harmony with nature. Thank you.

I am eternal spirit. We are all eternal spirit. Thank you.

I live in the paradise of my own creations. Thank you.

These affirmations and 100 more you can find in the daily gratitude and chakra affirmations journal here

Apply balancing blends to root chakra and declare affirmations.

To release fear and accept what is use black pepper essential oil, sandalwood essential oil or geranium essential oil. Use affirmations that declare something such as ‘I am safe’, ‘I’m fully competent’, ‘I trust myself to let others do things differently’.

For adrenal fatigue use myrrh essential oil or cinnamon essential oil and declared affirmations such as ‘I’m resting when I sleep’.

For calm and comfort apply oils on low back and around core. Use two blends such as cedarwood essential oil/ vetiver essential oil/ grapefruit essential oil or patchouli essential oil/ vetiver essential oil/grounding blend and say ‘I like being unique in my perspective’; ‘I accept my sensitivity to others pain’;  ‘Everyone I meet is happy to see me’. 

How do you balance your root chakra?

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