Patrick is baking

Patrick is baking

Patrick loves baking. He was asking for apple pie and custard. In all honesty I postponed the baking for as long as I could hahaha. When there wasn’t a way out anymore we had a go at it. It isn’t the prettier, but it’s made with love.

Here are the ingredients we used for the filling:

apples 3 big

honey 2 tbsp

cinnamon essential oil 2 drops

Here are the ingredients we used for the pastry:

butter 150 g, room temperature

plain flour, 225g

We first did the pastry by mixing the butter and the flour in a large bowl. We put it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Patrick doing the mixing

In the meantime we washed, peeled and sliced big chunks of apples. We put them in the pie dish, added cinnamon essential oil and honey and gave it a good mixing.

Mummy turned the oven on.

After 30 minutes we rolled the pastry onto flour and gently added it on the apple dish. Patrick made sure every apple was covered and poked the pastry with a fork.

Mummy brushed the pastry with the beaten egg.

We baked it for 40 minutes at 190C. We enjoyed it after 10 minutes with homemade custard. The custard was a big fail hahaha but we still enjoyed it.

Hope you enjoy our recipe. Drop me a comment when you do. Baking makes us bond and we love it. 

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