quarantine birthday party for my 6 yo

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to tell you all about Patrick’s birthday party that we had last Tuesday, the 26th of January 2021. I was so nervous about it at the level that it gave me anxiety. Patrick had always been a popular little boy with lots of friends around to celebrate his special day. How to explain that on his birthday he is not going to have friends over?

happy birthday boy

Cris and I had a laugh remembering that before he turned 3 he would ask us to sing happy birthday to him for every day, multiple times a day for over a month.

So on his birthday we woke up really early to put up decorations. We kept him and his little brother home from school and had a small birthday party. We had roast dinner for lunch and yummy snacks in the afternoon. He loved his presents and said he had the best birthday party!! Yay what a relief.

He wanted the rainbow theme so we made sure that decorations, balloons and cake were all rainbow.

Rainbow decoration

They had a lovely afternoon snack filled with yummy treats. Was so nice seeing them both sat down at the table. Makes me wonder why the time is in a hurry to make them all grown up?

my boys enjoying new snack boxes
Patrick at 3 months old

If you are like me and feel worried about a quarantine birthday party, try not to worry so much. Children are happy when parents are involved in their play. That’s when they feel loved and secure. We played all day with balloons. Yes balloons hahaha. Who would’ve known that balloons will make them so happy?

Sending lots of love to everyone. Please keep safe. As soon as we can we will meet up and have a proper birthday celebration for all of the children.

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