How To Balance Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, or Anahata has the corresponding colour green. It is located in the low centre of the chest. The element associated with it is air.

The energy of this chakra is concerned with self acceptance and loving. It affects our ability to consider others and to be gentle with ourselves. It’s the link between our intellect and our spiritual selves.

Unconditional love is a state of being. However it can be a conscious decision too. We can engage our will (solar plexus chakra) and direct the love of the heart chakra to all those around us. When we give unconditional love to all those around us and we are aware of how all things are interconnected, we then have a great sense of inner peace and well being. When we meet someone that we like, feelings of unconditional love surge through our heart chakra. This energy then moves downward towards the solar plexus chakra and then into the sacral chakra where we release strong feelings of sexual attraction. As the relationship evolves this energy moves down into the root chakra. It’s then followed by a strong desire to get married and settle down.


The heart chakra helps us deal with sadness, betrayal, loss of a loved one. This chakra is the ‘I love you’ chakra. This energy enables us to give and receive love in a healthy way.

Excess energy can look like: poor emotional boundaries, overly critical, demanding, expressing inappropriate emotion, maniac depressive, moody, melodramatic, martyr, co-dependent, uses money or sex to control others, holds things over others.

Deficient energy can look like: indecisive, paranoia, self-pity, heartless, ruthless, unprincipled behaviour, terrified of rejection, needs constant reassurance, hangs on to painful relationships, afraid to let go and move on, negativity.

The systems of the heart chakra are: thymus gland, lymph glands, heart, rib cage, lungs, skin, immune system, arms, hands, touch blood circulation.


Associated disease with heart chakra are: fatigue, difficulty with breath, lung issues, tension and stress, anger, paranoia, breast cancer, cancer, weakened immunity, heart pain and problems, heart attack. 

The bridge pose is a great pose to establish a stronger relationship with your heart chakra. Do this pose and say ‘’ love is abundant in my world.’’.


The cat cow pose is another great pose to balance your heart chakra. Say ‘’ it is easy for me to feel love and compassion for others.’’

Here are 12 ways to balance your heart chakra

1.  Eat green plant foods.

2. Watch tender movies. Try applying geranium and lime essential oils prior to watching the movie. If you become emotional allow yourself to express tender emotions in a safe environment.

3. Play with a cuddly pet.

4. Drink green smoothies.

5. Absorb the colour green. wear it and really look at it.

6. Put your heart into it. Do what your heart desires

7. Count your blessings and feel truly grateful. Apply wild orange essential oil and  Frankincense essential oil to your throat and chest. Write down all the things that you are grateful for.

8. Look for good in others in the world.

9. Forgive yourself and others for not being perfect. Apply wild orange and frankincense essential oil to your throat and chest area. Write a letter to someone saying that you’ve forgiven them and write down all of the wonderful things that they have done for you. Or maybe write a letter to yourself, appreciating yourself, acknowledging your achievements and loving yourself for who you are.

10. Serve others freely.

11. Offer and receive hugs.

12. Do a heart meditation. Apply lemon and geranium essential oils to your heart. Think of a person, or a group of people. Focus only on that person. Say ‘I love you’ and give the name of the person. In your mind’s eye look at this person while imagining him the most happy, healthy, peaceful. 

To strengthen (for deficient energy) your heart chakra these are the gemstones that help: emerald, malachite, aventurine, jade, watermelon or green tourmaline.

To weaken (for excess energy) your heart chakra these are the gemstones that help: rose quartz, pink tourmaline and rhodocrosite.


For recovery from broken heart ruby. 


You can support your heart chakra by using essential oils and affirmations.

Think and say ‘I choose to emanate: love(kindness, forgiveness, admiration, respect, joy, peace)’.


For openness and trusting you can use monthly blend.

To feel joyful you can use joyful blend.

For cleansing you can use lemon essential oil.

For love and trust you can use geranium essential oil.

For energetic boundaries you can use melaleuca essential oil.

For buoyant heart you can use peppermint essential oil.

Divine love you can use rose essential oil.

To forgive and release you can use thyme essential oil.


If you want to move on from a broken heart try applying this blend to chakras: rose marjoram and lavender essential oil.

If you want to improve your DNA health try this blend: thyme, melissa and marjoram essential oil.

Say ‘’ I can love myself and others unconditionally. I am seeing the good in others more often.’’


You can use this blend: wild orange geranium and joyful blend and say: ‘’ I am choosing to feel good about me again. I am choosing to trust myself to connect to source. I am processing all of the good in my life and allowing to expand. I am trusting the flow of my rich life. I feel and process all information through love. I am capable of feeling my love flowing.’’


Do you feel your heart chakra out of balance?

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