How to Balance Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra, or Manipura has the corresponding colour yellow. It is located a few inches above the navel. The energy of this chakra is concerned with personal power. Our self esteem, our confidence in ourselves, our sense of our place in the world are centred in this chakra.

Keeping our solar plexus chakra energy in check is important because when is out of balance we may be overly sensitive to the reactions of other people. We may feel indifferent. Our inner critic may also be operating at a level where we have little confidence in our ourselves and our worthiness.

Maintaining a strong solar plexus chakra will support you to accept the responsibilities that are truly yours and be confident in your actions and abilities. You will be able to function without the approval of everyone around you. The courage and strength to be who you are without outside approval is a sign of healthy self esteem. 

Excess energy can look like: egotistical, self absorbed, overly ambitious, workaholic, self driven, warrior personality, desire to be in control, lacks emotional warmth, sexually inhibited, needs drugs to relax.

Deficient energy can look like: anger, frustrated, depressed, lacks confidence and direction, feels disliked, fears being alone, needs to be busy and ‘do’ all the time, servant martyr and victim mentality, has needy sexual energy, insecure, untrusting, jealous.

The systems of solar plexus chakra are: digestive system, diaphragm, breath, pancreas, adrenals, stomach, spleen, liver, autonomic nervous system, gallbladder, muscles and lower back.

Associated disease with solar plexus chakra are: food allergies, digestive issues, flatulence, difficulty breathing, muscle spasm and cramps, depression, diabetes, gallstones, liver issues, sexual addiction.

The bow pose is a great pose to establish a stronger relationship with your solar plexus chakra. Do this pose and say ‘’ I am on fire and infused with positive creative energy.’’

The full boat pose is another great pose to balance your solar plexus chakra. Say ‘I love and accept myself completely.’

Here are some ways to balance your solar plexus chakra

Eat yellow fruits and veggies.

Breathe deeply from the diaphragm.

Rub the stomach in a clockwise circle using an essential oil.

While doing this think ‘ I love myself’. Envision light streaming into your solar plexus chakra and nourishing it. Do this as a meditation until you can really feel a strong sense of love and appreciation for yourself.

Make a list of things you love and admire about yourself.

Absorb the colour yellow. Wear it and really look at it. Take a walk in sunlight. Listen to and follow ‘gut instincts’. Look in the mirror and LIKE what you see in yourself.

Pump yourself up and then send happy energy out.

Sit in front of a fire’s nourishing flame. 

To strengthen (for deficient energy) your solar plexus chakra these are the gemstones that help: citrine, golden topaz, amber, sunstone, golden beryl.

To weaken (for excess energy) your solar plexus chakra: amethyst, light purple fluorite.

For recovery from long term patterns tiger eye. 

You can support your solar plexus  chakra by using essential oils:

For transformation you can use cellular blend.

For creative and joyful power you can use invigorating blend.

For self loyalty you can use coriander essential oil.

For circulation you can unse cypress essential oil.

For sense of community you can use cedarwood essential oil.

To feel empowered you can use ginger essential oil.

For zest of life you can use lime essential oil.

To help with no attachment you can use oregano essential oil. 

Affirmations and blends to balance solar plexus chakra:

To support sympathetic nervous system apply over liver detoxification blend & cypress & coriander.

‘’I can express my feelings in safe ways’’. ‘’ I am entitled to my feelings and know they may be different’’. ‘’I am all about confirming my gifts and talents’’

You can try lime & ginger and jasmine essential oils

‘’ I am aware I have the courage to love all of me’’. ‘’ I am aware of my strength in expression of feelings and can stick with current issues’’.

You can try thyme, peppermint and cedarwood essential oils. 

‘’ I accept my widening perspective.’’ ‘’ I am open to new ways of viewing old stuff.’’ ‘’ I am willing to make new starts in my relationships.’’

‘I stand up for myself.’ I am strong and courageous. I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect. I choose the best for myself. I am proud of my achievements. I honour myself. I choose healthy relationships. I am authentic. I direct my own life. I appreciate my strengths. I feel my own power. I am free to choose in any situations. I see opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am at peace with myself. 

Let me know how you get on. Would love to support you.

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