How To Balance Sacral Chakra

bound angle pose

The sacral chakra is orange and is located in the lower abdomen. The Sanskrit name of this chakra is Svadhisthana.

Sacral chakra has to do with life vitality, self-gratification and passion. The element associated with it is water. The energy of this chakra is concerned with the pleasures of life, with desires and with nurturing ourselves and our creativity.

When in balance this chakra brings an immense amount of pleasure into our lives. We can see the beauty in people and allows us to be happy in our own creative abilities and passions. We are friendly, charitable, genuinely interested in others, we are intuitive, we radiate love and compassion, we love ourselves and we are funny.

If we have an excess of energy in this chakra we may be focusing excessively on satisfying our own desires. We may feel emotionally explosive, manipulative, addicted, having a need of being in control, lustful, caught up in illusions, overly ambitious, sexually perverted and we may view others as sex objects.

Deficient energy can look like sexual guilt, we may deprive ourselves of any pleasure and try to deny that we have any desires. It can look like timid, shutdown, overly sensitive, emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behaviour, co-dependent, submissive , out of touch with feelings, martyr mentality, frigid, impotent.

The systems of the sacral chakra are reproduction, circulatory and fluid functions, lower abdomen, mammary glands, pelvic region, potency, ovaries, testicles, prostate, kidneys, bladder, taste buds, spleen and skin.

Associated disease with this chakra: constipation, kidney issues, bladder infections, allergies, poor appetite and weight loss, muscles cramps, low energy, impotence, ovary and uterine problems, candida yeast, eating disorders, reverse polarity, gout.

happy baby pose

Try these two empowering statements and balancing yoga poses:

First, bound angle pose and say’’ I enjoy feeling pleasure in my body’’.

Second, happy baby pose and say ‘’I am radiant beautiful and strong and I enjoy a healthy and passionate life.’’

Here are five ways to balance your sacral chakra:

First, dance and move your hips. Apply wild orange and lime essential oil to your throat and forearms. Turn on the music and DANCE. Let your hips move on the beat, let lose and have fun doing it. There are many benefits to dancing: it increases confidence and happiness, it reduces stress, it increases balance and flexibility, it increases energy levels, it boosts heart rate, it diminishes depression, and it increases weight loss.

Second, laugh and have fun. What better way to do it then laugh?

Third, express your creativity. Do some crafting with your children, draw or colour. Anything done by you to let your creative side take over. I usually do my dream board and let my creative side take over.

Forth, eat orange fruit and veggies.

Fifth, wear the colour orange; wear it and really look at it.

To strengthen (for deficient energy) your sacral chakra these are the gemstones that help: carnelian, orange coral, orange calcite, orange agate, jasper.

To weaken (for excess energy) your sacral chakra these are the gemstones that help: sodalite, blue lace agate and blue fluorite.

For recovery from long term patterns amber and gold topaz.

You can support your sacral chakra by using essential oils

To feel comfortable in your own skin you can use bergamot essential oil.

For sexual harmony you can use cinnamon essential oil.

For self acceptance you can use juniper berry.

For honour and respect you can use melaleuca essential oil.

For confidence you can use patchouli essential oil.

For creativity and abundance you can use wild orange essential oil.

To feel connected and joyful you can use ylang ylang essential oil.

You can support your root chakra by using affirmations.

Here are the affirmations that I use:

 I am connecting to the rhythm of my feelings.

I am happy with my creative flow.

I am ready for trusting new experiences in pleasure.

I am open and honest with myself about my passion.

I am free to express my own way.

I trust myself to let others do things differently.

You can try a blend made of clary sage and bergamot and apply on sternum before sleep.

Which essential oil will you use next?

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