How To Balance Third Eye Chakra

half lotus pose

The third eye chakra, or Ajna has the corresponding colour indigo and is located at the centre of the forehead. The element associated with it is light.

The energy of this chakra is concerned with self reflection and knowing.

The third eye is the chakra where the conscious meets the unconscious, where our imagination and inner sight reside. The development of this chakra involves becoming more aware of out intuition and extrasensory perception. This is the energy of clairvoyance, and of other abilities such us precognition and psychometry.

When this chakra is in balance, we can utilise additional information and combine it with our innate wisdom in order to make decisions that aren’t based on ego or fear. We can use our minds and the power of visualisation to have a positive impact on our surroundings and to improve the quality of our lives and loved ones.

When this chakra is out f balance means that the person will be too influenced by the psychic realm, and may become ‘ungrounded’, disorganised, or disoriented. A depletion of this chakra energy can lead a person being seen as narrow minded and fixed in their thinking. They may feel uncomfortable with anything that challenges them to think or feel something beyond their usual ‘tunnel’ vision.

Excess energy can look like: overly analytical, proud, egomaniac, overly intellectual, mental rigidity, manipulative, religious dogmatic.

Deficient energy can look like: lack of foresight, undisciplined, selective memory, depression, unclear thought, non assertive, delusional, can’t tell inner from outer reality, confused about personal identity, schizophrenic, afraid to claim own power.

The systems of the third eye chakra are: pituitary gland, endocrine system, neurological system, left brain hemisphere, left eye, nose, ears, sinuses, conscious mind, small muscle control.

Associated diseases with third eye chakra are : addiction, depression, panic attacks, headaches, migraines, brain cysts, tumors, strokes, dizziness, blindness, earaches, deafness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal issues, insomnia, sinus problems, hormonal imbalance.

The half lotus pose is a great pose to establish a stronger relationship with third eye chakra. Do this pose and say, ‘I am attuned to Divine universal wisdom and in harmony with the flow of life.’

The corpse pose is another great pose. Do this pose and say, ‘I trust my intuitive power.’

Here are 7 ways to balance your third eye chakra

  1. Write a forgiveness letter. Write it to yourself and forgive yourself for everything. Or write it towards someone you are holding a grudge on. Apply thyme and frankincense essential oils to the back of your neck, grab a pen and start writing.
  2. Burn the forgiveness letter. In this way you make peace with yourself and are now a clean receptor for Divine inspiration.
  3. Turn off all electronics, with noise and interference.
  4. Meditate and pray (listen) regularly
  5. Sit in silence
  6. Eat blue-ish fruit and veggies
  7. Absorb the colour indigo. Wear it and really look at it.

To strengthen (for deficient energy) your third eye chakra these are the gemstones that help: azurite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, star sapphire, blue sapphire.

To weaken (for excess energy) your third eye chakra these are the gemstones that help: yellow-orange citrine and yellowish tiger-eye.

For recovery from long term denial of intuition quartz crystal.

You can support your third eye chakra by using essential oils and affirmations

Say ‘I’m using my own ability to receive intuition.’

‘I am happy with my understanding that my views are unique.’

‘I am happy with knowing that I am balanced and sane.’

Say these affirmations three times and apply focus blend to the back of your neck, and frankincense, rosemary and helichrysum on the bones behind your ears.

for light and dispels darkness use melissa essential oil.

For spiritual healing use helichrysum essential oil.

For spiritual vision use anti-aging blend.

For knowledge use rosemary essential oil.

For divine devotion use sandalwood essential oil.

For focus and uplifting use lemon essential oil.

For vision and clarity use clary sage essential oil.

To cleanse negative energy use lemongrass essential oil.

For wholeness use juniper berry essential oil.

To recover strength of vision apply this blend on your third eye chakra  juniper berry/ sandalwood and frankincense and say ‘I can see clearly now my path and my gifts.’ ‘I can see clearly now that all is well.’

To support high sense of loving self, try this blend lavender, myrrh and rosemary essential oils and say ‘I am clear about trusting my gut.’ ‘I am really in tune with my intuition’. I am excited about trusting my gut.’ ‘I am happy with the wisdom I discover I already have.’ ‘I am open to seeing everything differently and enjoying the loving expressions.’

Do you feel your third eye chakra is in balance?

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