How To Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The Ylang Ylang flower has been used for centuries in perfumes, religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, and wedding events, and the essential oil produced from this blossom is just as versatile. The many uses and benefits of Ylang Ylang oil can be obtained when used aromatically, topically, and internally.

When ingested, Ylang Ylang essential oil has the powerful ability to provide antioxidant support, which makes it a cherished oil for bodily health.* Ylang Ylang is frequently used for its external benefits and can promote the appearance of healthy skin and hair. The popular fragrance of Ylang Ylang oil is often used in perfumes and aromatherapy treatments due to its rich scent and its calming and lifting effect on the mood.

5 ways to use ylang ylang essential oil

Support your body with Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang oil is known to provide antioxidant support. I take Ylang Ylang oil internally to boost antioxidant support in my body.

Whenever you are feeling down or stressed, apply a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to the back of your neck for a calming and uplifting effect. I put it on my wrists and back of neck and say ‘I love myself.’ I love life and life loves me.’. More on essential oils and heart chakra here:

I add a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil to my diffuser. It smells amazing. Your home will thank you for it.

I use it as a natural perfume. The Ylang Ylang plant is also called the perfume tree, due to its highly fragrant flowers. I put one drop on each wrist. Sometimes I make a blend of it.

Use Ylang Ylang essential oil aromatically or topically for a more optimistic perspective. Ylang Ylang is a powerful uplifting component and helps promote a positive outlook. I use it to balance my sacral chakra. You can read the blog here:

How will you use ylang yang essential oil? Would love to see your answers.

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