I planned to use it a completely different way until I watched the YouTube link – so that was definitely helpful.

I suffer from severe migraines that can wake me in the night.

Last week my migraines was horrendous I could not sleep.

Anyway, Tuesday the early symptoms of a migraine presented itself, so I put a couple of drops in a glass of water (very subtle but easy and nice to drink) and rubbed a couple of drops on my temples. I rubbed it in a couple more times throughout the day, and whilst there was still a lingering bit of an ache I did not need any tablets and slept throughout. The migraine sometimes doesn’t come out in full force on day one and it sometimes comes out on day 2, but nothing at all yesterday! Extremely impressed, not sure if I really expected it to make a difference or not – but it definitely did. Most times when I get a migraine I can end up taking at least 20 plus tablets over 2 days, so to not need any this time – amazed!!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try something alternative to manufactured pain relief!

I buy this journal for me!
I just love to write every day in this book.
Is very spacious and really well presented!


Lore Tabacu

I bought two so I will not run out.
My favourite journal so far.
It is a large format therefore plenty of space to write down our gratitudes.
Totally recommend!

Alexandra Serban