People always ask me: why am I doing what I’m doing?

Why do I put my time and energy into helping others? Blogging, YouTube channel, Facebook community group, Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Facebook Profile Account, etc.

It makes me wonder why I take my limited free time into doing all these things. I work 3 hours a day, by choice, while my youngest is in nursery. Then is looking after the children all day long, doing the cooking, cleaning, house chores, etc. So, you must see how my time is limited.

I don’t have a definite answer to you. It all comes back to my history, how I’ve struggled for 35 years with obesity, how I’m struggling with emotional eating. How I’m working on my inner happiness.

You see, I’ve been doing so many diets, weight loss programmes, shakes, you name it. Every time I had a chat with the salesperson, they would promise me the world. And when it stopped working for me, when I would be at my lowest giving in and giving up, crying my eyes out you know what they would tell me? ‘’Well, that’s on you, cause you don’t have motivation. I cannot give you motivation!”

That would put me down even more. Every single time I heard that I was so upset, felt unworthy, broken. How come all the other people were successful in their weight loss journey and I wasn’t? What is wrong with me?? Why does this happen to me?? Why can’t I lose the weight and then be happy?

Lose the weight and then be happy. Let’s reflect on that for a bit. My mind was saying lose the weight and then be happy.

How many slim people are miserable and suffer from depression? How many celebrities were slim and beautiful and ended up killing themselves?

Being skinny has nothing to do with happiness! Now I get it! Same as wealth has nothing to do with happiness. So many poor people are happy. We don’t need money to be happy. Our bodyweight doesn’t define us.

After I started to read books on personal development, I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs!!! Reading these books has set me free. I started talking to professional coaches, even had a few sessions, I put 2 and 2 together and I had an AHAA moment. It all made sense. (I will make a post soon with book recommendations that have helped me.)

my daily routine

We can train our mind to be happy. We can start our day by showing gratitude, instead of opening social media and scrolling down, down, down. Gratitude is raising our vibrancy, is taking us up, up, up.

I started working on myself daily, saying affirmations, intentions, journaling, listening to professional people talk about mind and happiness, meditate, reading, taking course after course. The key is implementing, being disciplined, in the beginning, to help create a healthy habit and kick bad habit’s ass out of your routine. Bye bye bad habit. I’ll be honest it’s not easy. There are days that I struggle. But the important thing is that I always pick myself up and start again. You see for some people losing the weight is not a motivation thing, it’s a mind thing. If one works with the mind first and finds inner happiness, then the weight soon follows. Relationships flourish, money increases, everything will be better.

I started the amazing community because I simply wanted to share all the information, knowledge, and love that I have.

You see, it’s about belonging. I finally feel that I belong to a community, after 3 decades of trying to fit in. If that’s what it takes for me to create that community, so be it! It’s worth it.

You are worthy.

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